Yes, you may know that February 14th is Valentine’s Day every year. But in fact, the Chinese people regard the May 20th of each year as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Lovers can present gifts to each other today to express their love.

Hi, IJOY Is Here

As a well-known Chinese electronic cigarette brand, IJOY also joined this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day shopping spree. If you are an IJOY fan, you cannot miss it. Yes, such as IJOY’s new product, IJOY WAND KIT. Of course there are IJOY Diamond PD270 Kit, IJOY EXO PD270 BOX MOD and so on. Anything you think of, this time in IJOY’s official authorization Vape Online Store (link)can give you.

Chinese Valentine’s Day Shopping Spree

Well, now not only can you get a $5 deduction for purchases over $30, you can also get a $20 deduction for purchases over $100. So, do you think this is enough? No! Now as long as the purchase amount reaches $52, you will get freeshipping. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join this shopping spree. Oh,Sorry. You may need the following coupon code:

Chinese Valentine's Day

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