Thank you for purchasing FUSH NANO. Please read this manual carefully before using it, to ensure that your usage is correct. If you have any questions about the product, please left your thoughts in the comment area.

Instructions of the Light Operations

1. Switch On and Off:

Press the button five times to turn it on/off.

2. Constant Lighting:

In the power on, press the button three times to turn on/off the lighting mode, and shake once to change the light.

3. Breathing Light:

Only in the power-on state, shake twice to tum on/of the breathing light mode, and shake once to change the color, only when you press the button can you see the light on.

4. Lock of Light functions:

Press the button twice in the power-on state to lock all the light functions with the indication of white light fashing twice, then all the light-on actions are invalid, but it’s still available for vaping. The white light will flash twice to indicate the light function is locked when trying to tum on the lighting mode. Press two times to unlock it.

5. Lock of Light Color:

When the Constant Lighting Mode and Breathing Light Mode is on, press the button twice to lock/unlock the light color without changing with an indication of white light flashing twice.

6. Loop of Lights:

Under the power-on state, press the button four times to star to the loop of lights.

  • If FUSH nano is not used for about 30 minutes, it will turn off automatically.

Instructions of filling e-liquid

Light tips

Connection: When the cartridge is loaded the blue light flashes once to prompt the connection.

Without Pod: When the FUSH mod is not connected to the flashes green light three times.

Short circuit prompt: When it is short-circuited or the resistance is lower than 0.9Q, it flashes red light three times.

Low battery prompt: When the voltage is lower than 3.3V, it flashes yellow light three times.

Charging: The white light is on when charging, and it s of when it is full.


1. If not used for a long time, please turn off the product.

2. Do not charge for a long time.

3. Do not drop, discard or abuse your product, as it may cause damage.

4. Use a standard USB output charger within appropriate current and voltage range.

5. Keep this product away from water or any flammable gases or liquids.

6. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dust, moisture for a long time.

7. Do not expose the product to extreme temperatures. (Applicable temperature range 10-60°C/14-140F when used.0-+55°C/32-131°E when charging. -10~45°C/14-113F when storing).

8. EEE Recycling: This product should not be disposed of as municipal solid waste and should be delivered to a suitable collection point for electrical and electronic equipment.

9. Battery Recycling: The battery should not be disposed of as municipal solid waste, and should be delivered to the appropriate old battery recycling point for recycling.

10. This product can only be repaired by ACROHM. Please do not attempt to repair it yoursell, otherwise it may cause damage to the product or personal injury.

This is the end of the article, and thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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