FORZ TX80 Kit is the first vaping device with all-around protections, such as waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The FORZ TX80 is a hot vape with high performance from vaporesso.

Below is the video of FORZ TX80

Do you want to know its functions or operation details? Here are tips for using it, and it’s very kind for vape starters.

Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Construction

User instructions

1, Install the Tank

Install the tank to the battery by screwing the 510 thread. Makesure they are firmly connected,

2. Replace the Coil

Unscrew the thread base from the tank;

Pull out the used coil in the tank;

Install a new coil to the tank;

Reattach the thread base into place.

3, Fill the E-liquid

Unscrew the top cap from the tank;

Fill e-iquid through the two filig slots;

Reattach the top cap back into place;

Please wait 5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil completely.

4. Adjust the Airflow

To adjust the airflow volume, please rotate the air-inlet ring onthe bottom of the tank.

5. Start Vaping

Press and hold the power button to start vaping. For yoursafety, please do not vape for more than 10s at a time.

6. About Charging

After the Type-C USB cable is connected to the battery, thescreen indicator and remaining charging time will be displayedon the screen.

7. Lock/Unlock the Buttons

Press the power button 3 times continuously to lock or unlockthe “+” button, “-” button and mode button. The power buttonstill works.

8. Choose a Mode

Press the mode button 3 times continuously or long press themode button to start mode setting.

*F(x): F(x) MODE (DEFAULT)

After the atomizer is installed, the device will enter the F(x)MODE automatically.

By adjusting temperature, heating speed and time, F(t) modereleases the flavors of e-liquid adequately, delivering thepuff throughout.


It’s a mode to improve vaping experience through constantvoltage output, delivering optimal flavor production, nicotinesatisfaction, and perfect temperature cloud continuously.


When the battery level is below 40% and unable to support thepreset power, the device will automatically provide an optionto enter the POWER ECO mode for increasing endurance.


When the temperature heating wire (SS/Ti/Ni) is detected, thedevice will provide an option to enter the STC (Smart TC) modeautomatically.


You can choose taditional vw (H, N, s), vv, vT, BP (bypasseand SP (super player) modesin this section. When the coiresistance is extremely low, the device will providee an optionto enter the SP (Super Player) mode automaticaly.


System setting includes brightness, flip screen, smart vw on/interface can be customized by yourself.

Smart vW: when this function is turned on and an atomizer isinstalled, the system will recommend the best power for user.

Auto Eco: When the battery level is below 40% and unable tosupport the preset power, the device will automatically enterthe POWER ECO mode for increasing endurance.



(Variable Wattage Mode)

VWH: high start-up speed

VWN: normal start-up speed

VWS: soft start-up speed

*VT-SS/VT-NI/VT-TI/VT-MI (Variable Temperature Control Mode)

The ss, NI and TI modes are only available for the StainlessSteel SUS316L, Nickel 200 and Titanium materials respectively.Choose the MI mode to make a customized setting when otherheating wire materials are installed.

*VV (Variable Voltage Mode)

Customize the voltage according to your needs.

A direct voltage output mode depends on the battery level; theeffective coil resistance range is from 0.150 to 50.

*SP (Super Player Mode)

In DIY mode, when the coil resistance of the loaded coil isbetween 0.03-0.05Q, the system will prompt to enter the superplayer mode, which is suitable for the RDA/RBA coil with ultra-low resistance.

This is the end of the post, and hope it can help you!

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