You are very familiar with Sense Herakles Kit and Ehpro Raptor Tank, right? The cotton they used is both anti-bacterial. In this essay, let’s learn more about the special cotton.

It’s said that Ehpro Raptor is the world’s first seagrass fiber cotton tank. For the EL1B-3 single coil 0.15Ω(70W) and EL2B-3 dual coil 0.25Ω(80W) with mesh wire and seagrass fiber cotton. Which will give you superb flavor. However, do you know why?

Seagrass fiber cotton of Ehpro Raptor

The reasons are that seaweed fiber has natural features of flame retardant, bacteriostatic, high liquid absorption ratio, comfort, and breathability without adding any chemical components and additives. Which is unmatched by other fibers.

That is to say, the characteristics of seaweed fiber is natural flame retardant, with a flame retardant index of 45, which is far higher than the index of 26 of general flame retardant materials; Besides, there is no other flame retardant is added to it, so it’s no harmful substances generated during the combustion process. It is healthy.

More importantly, the rate of liquid absorption efficiency has reached 15-20 times. Therefore, it can fully absorb the e-liquid when vaping, and give you the excellent flavor!

To sum up, the Ehpro Raptor Tank Atomizer will bring you a healthy, pure and fantastic vaping time!

Anti-bacterial cotton of Sense Herakles

The other is anti-bacterial cotton of Herakles. Although it’s also bacteriostatic, it has not so many advantages of seaweed fiber cotton. Nevertheless, this characteristic can inhabit bacterial production and ensure a clean and healthy vape experience!

All in all, the seagrass fiber cotton is more cost-effective. We hope that more and more vape devices can use this cotton as their indispendent accessory.

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