SMOK TFV8 TFV12 Atomizer Leaking

Please be informed: many buyers find that the newly purchased vape is leaking oil, which is actually the condensate produced after the e-liquid is atomized by the atomizer. The condensate is the normal atomizer product, which will flow out from the intake port, the atomizer base, etc.

It is recommended to clean the condensate in the atomizer before each filling. The oil flows out from the edge of the atomizer glass chamber, the bottom air flow hole, and the bottom positive screw

Please follow the instructions of the product specification for the way of oil injection. Do not fill the tank too full; Regularly clean the flue and base of the atomizer; Reassemble the coils need to confirm whether the sealing ring at the oil tank joint has fallen off or been damaged;

Whether the glass tube or other accessories are damaged or loose; If the parts are damaged; Please replace the damaged sealing ring, glass tube or other accessories.


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