Hi, guys! How are you? Share with you today is a new product from Joyetech, Batpack with Joye ECO D16.

Batpack with Joye ECO D16 Specs

This is a small Starter KIT that is exquisitely crafted. Well, as its name says, this is a two-part product, Batpack Mod and Joye ECO D16 Atomizer. This time I got a Gold color. The metal shell makes the Batpack look full of texture. The striped decoration gives this machine a better appearance and gives us better friction.

112.5 * 37.00 * 18.0mm is the size of this machine, I think the picture will not seem to feel how small it is, in my opinion, it is only a zippo lighter size, but also very thin. If I don’t open the battery back cover, I can’t believe it is a dual battery Starter Kit. This time, the new generation of products used by Joyetech all use AA batteries as energy sources.

On the one hand, the size of the AA battery is small, and on the other hand, the AA battery is a recognized safe energy source, so acceptance is better. The Joye ECO D16 Atomizer is arguably an innovative product of Joyetech. It has a 16mm diameter and 2ml capacity.

The use of top airflow solves the problem of E-liquid leakage. Compared to previous Atomizers, the ECO D16 uses a simpler refilling system. It only needs to unscrew the top cup to add e-liquid.

How to use

Like the Vape Kit on the market, we quickly press the fire button five times to turn it on. At the top of the batpack there will be an indicator light, so when the battery is installed, on/off, low power, the light will tell you the current working status with different flashing frequency.

How to charge

Speaking of this matter, I suddenly found a problem. There is no charging interface in the Batpack body. How to charge? You must take the AA battery out of the body and use an external charger to charge the AA battery. This may be a little troublesome! But also bring some benefits, such as better dust protection, and better protection of hardware.

Real use experience

Its compact size may not be advantageous for indoor use, but you take it outside and you know how helpful it is. Its mini body does not allow us to have a special foreign body sensation when we put it in the pocket of the trousers, and it does not hinder the action. The top-airflow system is our favorite, even when e-liquid is filled, I don’t need to worry about e-liquid leakage. The new coil structure allows the vapor to be inhaled more directly, thus retaining a more pure taste. The narrow diameter drip tip mimics the use of cigarettes very well and makes me feel more natural.


Batpack brings us better portability in terms of size. It has a stylish and dynamic appearance, and there are many colors available. AA battery power gives us a safer experience. The lowest voltage output is adjusted to 1.8V, which makes the vaping time longer. The ECO D16 has a simpler use and the top airflow is very good at avoiding e-liquid leakage. The narrow diameter drip tip gives us a better taste. The kit contains AA batteries and does not need to be purchased separately.


This is a dual-battery power supply, but it does not have a display and output adjustment function and is poorly interactive. Without a charging interface, we need to purchase an additional power supply. Not adjustable airflow system.


Yes, this is Joyetech’s new product, Batpack with Joye ECO D16 (buy it from cloumix). Perhaps this time it did not bring astonishing output or exaggerated appearance, but it is undeniable that it brings us more real The ease of use and the pure experience. It may still need improvement, but it is a good start. What do you think?

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