IJOY SABER 100 KIT is the second Pen Style Kit after IJOY launched the WAND Kit. For this new start, IJOY has brought us a surprise 100W output when the WAND was launched, so what different experiences the SABER 100 Kit will bring us. Why do I say it is worth buying for the beginner?

Impressive appearance

The Pen Style Kit is a classic type of Starter Kit. It mimics the shape of traditional cigarettes, so it will make everyone more receptive. The SABER 100 can be said to be a highly recognizable product. Its unique design is impressive.

Excellent performance

In terms of performance, IJOY did not weaken at all. The 29MM diameter allows it to use the 20700 battery, and it can also use an adapter to allow the vaper to continue using the 18650 battery. The superior technology allows the ABER 100 to have the same maximum output of 100 W as WAND.

Why do I recommend a beginner to buy

The most special thing about SABER is that it has power regulation! This is indeed its biggest highlight. In the past, people often complained that the Pen Style Kit is a “zero interaction” product, and the SABER 100 KIT will break this rumor. At the bottom it comes with a display, which works well with our output adjustments.

Why I would say that this is a worthy beginner to buy equipment, because its performance has been fully comparable with the advanced VAPE Kit. It has a 100W power that can well meet our vaping requirements from beginner to advanced. The most important thing is that the adjustment function it has will allow us to add more fun to our vaping life.

Maybe it is not the most powerful device, not the most portable Starter Kit. But with an IJOY SABER 100 KIT(Buy it from Cloumix) you have Starter Kit and advanced Kit performance! Why not choose it? And it also has such a cool appearance, right?

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