Nexus Kit is a product that has always been like to share with you. This is really a Starter Kit that is portable and excellent flavor quality.

See what you will get?

Nexus still uses our common packaging, including a Nexus Kit, a User Guide, a USB Charging Cable, an NX 1.0Ω CCELL Coil (Pre-installed), and an NX 1.0Ω coil (replacement). Yes, as a Starter Kit, it already has this configuration. It’s really an out-of-the-box product and all it needs to do is add e-liquid.

As the title says, this is a product that will not leak e-liquid. Its filling port is covered by a sealing plug, and the storage tank is connected to the coil for e-liquid conduction. After my overnight test (filled with e-liquid, and then placed the drip tip down), it still did not leak e-liquid when I woke up. This is really a good news for beginners.

How to use it ?

It uses a power switch. When you want to vaping, turn on the power and suck it against the drip tip. I really like this setup. I think such a good taste really depends on its airflow system. With it, make vapor more smooth and soft. It makes the taste of e-liquid very good, I even feel that I am eating strawberries (my e-liuquid is strawberry taste).

I don’t know what your requirements for the Starter Kit are, but as a Starter Kit, I think the Nexus Kit is really perfect. It is not the best, nor the strongest, but the vaping experience it gives is truly unique. What do you think? Do you like it ?




You can buy it from cloumix:




If you want to know more offers, please click on the following link:

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