ECO Universal Coil

As the saying goes: Attitude decides everything, details determine success or failure. The success of a product depends on every details and the attitude of manufacturers. The purpose for manufacturing can make profit. In order to make profit, the product should meet the every need of customers. Thus, the purpose for manufacturers is to satisfy the needs of their target customers in details.

The target customer of Vaporesso VECO Solo kits is defined to be beginners. VECO Solo kits has concentrated on every details to meet the need of their target customers. ECO Universal Coil is an example.

ECO Universal Coil is a revolutionary design of VECO Solo kits. It makes more convenient to replace coils and has applied a leak proof design. By twisting the bottom of the tank, we can remove the tank from the VECO mod. Then we simply need to take off the old coil and replace it with a new one to finish the replacement.

To change the coil head inside, the specially manufactured design makes it more convenient without having to remove the metal sleeve. Thus has provided much facility in the operation for new beginners. The top cap and the coil is connected with each other by a spiral design, and the glass chamber outside act as a further protection from leakage. The detailed design saves beginners from embarrassment of leakage and is much more convenient for beginners to operate.

Vaporesso VECO Solo has payed attention to every details to make a better vaping experience for their target customer, thus they deserves a better profit feedback from the market.

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