For every one of us, we have dreamed of changing the world in the young age. In our dreams, we sometimes become a hero with super capacity that eliminate all forms of conflicts and protects world peace, and sometimes we are an almighty scientist who can invent a medicine that cures all diseases. All these has seemed to become a visionary hope that never comes true when we stepped into the adult world.

In fact, changing the world doesn’t necessarily need to be a great hero with super capacity or scientist with superior wisdom. Instead, just as Butterfly Effect suggests, a small step could do great change to the whole world.

Vaporesso Revenger X with its unique design and convenient operation brings a new change to the vaping world. Revenger X creatively employed IML surface design, which is different from conventional vapes in that it is more smooth for touch and less vulnerable to scratches. The traditional plastic and metal material will shorten the life span and decrease the appeal to its users for its incapability in preventing scratches owing to daily usage. The application of IML case is undoubtedly a step in changing the appearance design of vapes.

Revenger X also creatively applied a touch button to adjust the vaping modes. In the old version Revenger, the button for setting vaping modes is visible and protruding to the screen, thus it greatly influences the integrity and aesthetic perception of the design. The touch button totally solves the problem and provides much facility for its users.

The innovative step of the application of IML case and touch button will definitely brings a great change to the future development of the vaping products.

revenger x

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