There is denying that every vaper wants a portable, but all-round vapes. So the Eleaf company spares no efforts to create such a kind of product. With compact size and functions equal to or greater than other vapes, The Eleaf iStick Kiya comes to the world.

Even if the body is diminutive, the iStick Kiya still carries a large 1.45 inch display of rich color, which can tell users real time, and of course, the statue of the vapes. The battery capacity carried by the iStick Kiya is 1600mAh, and the battery can provide enough electricity to let vapers to use for a whole day. And there is no need to worry about that the process of charging will last for long time, because the iStick Kiya has a 2A quick charging capability, and it can reduce the charging time a lot. Another surprising point in the iStick Kiya is the temperature protection charging system, which can protect the battery and other parts from being damaged by heat produced in the process of charging.

the iStick Kiya can output a max power of 50W, which can give beginners and others who are in pursuit of vapes with low output power a great vaping experience. Another point which can surprise buyers is the refined airflow system, which can enhance the flavor of vapor, and further improve the vaping experience of users. The aim to improve the vaping experience is the most important comes first in the process of designing the iStick Kiya.

In short, the iStick Kiya is small in size, but great in its functions. So if you want to buy a kind of vapes with small body, and great functions, the iStick Kiya can be your optimal choice.Eleaf

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