Vapes, the same as human being, can’t be perfect and satisfy everyone’s needs. However, technology never stops making progresses. Thus an increasing number of vapes with best design and powerful functions emerged in the market. Eleaf iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 is not only attractive in design but also powerful in functions.

At the first sight of iStick QC 200W with MELO 300, the impression on it could be described as a style of classic elegance. There is no redundant decorations and colors and thus makes it simple and elegant. Apart from its ordinary colors, iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 are also available for vintage red and wood grain, which makes it different from others and enjoys a sense of supreme elegance.

iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 is designed for cloud chasers, thus compared with ordinary vapes, it is more powerful with multiple functions. Powered by 5000 mAh built-in batteries, iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 has a maximum output wattage of 200W and a maximum output current of 50A. The resistance of iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 is different in different vaping modes, which is ranging from 0.05ohm to 3.5ohm. With a high output wattage and low resistance, iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 undoubtedly a best suitable vape for cloud chasers.

Being unique in design, powerful in functions and easy in operation, iStick QC 200W with MELO 300 is definitely a dream vape for most cloud chasers.

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