Each wire has a different diameter, which are called the gauge of the wire. Higher numbers indicate smaller wire diameters. For example, a 30-gauge wire will be finer than a 28-gauge but wider than 32-gauge wire. The gauge increases in two increments, typically range from 22 to 32.

The gauge of the wire affects the speed at which the wire heats or cools. This can affect the resistance of the wire or the ability of the wire to resist heat change. A thicker wires (lower gauges) will have higher wire resistance because they have more mass and require more time to heat thicker wires.

There are five main types of wires used for vaping: Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium. Different types of wires affect the volume of the vapor and the permeability of the flavor. Choosing the right wire in your mechanical mod can make or ruin your build.

For beginners, Kanthal is the best choice, they just want to get some experience with wires and coils, or as a standard wire type.

Nichrome is one of the best for more experienced coil builders looking for a new material that try to mess up to get a faster ramp.

Stainless steel is best suited for experienced coil builders who value fast ramp, intense flavors, and can handle coiling a difficult wire.

Nickel is for the most experienced coil builder who can fight down a sensitive wire to get the fastest ramp.

Titanium is the best for careful coil builders who will do their research safely to achieve rapid heating and cooling times.

Selecting the right wire might be tedious, but we promise the investment will pay off big time.

right wire

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