Vape Device,

Q1: Why does my mod says check atomizer?
A1: Because you haven’t installed an atomizer on the mod.

Q2: Can I use other coils with a lower resistance than the coil that is included in the kit?
A2: You’d better not do that. It’s best to use the original coil. For example, the original coil is 1.5ohm, if you use other coils which is less than 1ohm, so the mod power may not be enough.

Q3: About leaking
A3:It should be a problem with the connection between the coil and the atomizer. Check it first, if there still leak, then we recommend you change to a new atomizer.

Q4: Why there is no cloud or vapor when I vape it?
A4: What kind of e-liquid did you use?Some e-liquid is too thick to hit. Try another pod.

vapor and cloud

Q5: What e-juice can be used for DIY?
A5: Except nic-alt, other juice all can be used for DIY.

Q6: About the Battery
A6: Factors that affect battery consumption are sage frequency and wether use the original USE cable. When the kit is powered by dual batteries, and if you charge the mod body directly, which may cause one of the battery to use quickly. Change the battery twice within two weeks is the normal frequency of use.


Q7: In RBA building, when the same heating wire is used in different suits, but some of them can’t get the flavor, why?
A7: It should be the power of the mod body is different, the size of the RBA, and how many coil wires are also related. Try another heating wire.

The power determines the size and thickness of the coil, and the size of the coil determines the amount and taste of the cotton.
There are also many factors like internal space of the RBA and air inlet that affect the taste.

Q8: Why the cartridge has a burning smell after filling three or four times? There is no response after installing the cartridge?
A8:The former is normal. The latter to check if the bottom packaging film is torn off.

Q9: Why my kit suddenly unable to turn on, and it’s no response when charging?
A9: Changing the battery, if it doesn’t work, so the mod chip is broken.

Q10: I bought a device recently, why it does not respond?
A10: Try another atomizer.


The difference between VG and PG in e-liquid.

VG is the abbreviation of English vegetable glycerin. Since VG is extracted from plants, so many e-cigarette users believe that VG is healthier. The character of VG is sticky and heavy, so it produces a lot of smoke.


PG is the abbreviation of English propylene glycol. PG is manufactured through the hydration of propylene oxide. PG is much thinner than VG and produces much less smoke. However, PG will have a strong throat hit, and many users like this.

PG has been recognized by the FDA as a safe food additive. However, from the reactions of e-cigarette users, some users have experienced allergies and other adverse reactions after using e-liquid containing PG.

Allergies can range from major to minor. In mild cases, the throat is uncomfortable, and in severe cases, the whole body is itchy, accompanied by dizziness and nausea. If there is an allergic reaction, such people choose VG e-liquid.

VG advantages

  1. Big smoke.
  2. Healthy, less allergic reactions.
  3. Natural sweetness.
  4. Comfortable throat.


  1. Smoke oil is thick and difficult to guide.
  2. Poor throat hit.
  3. The sweetness may overwhelm the fragrance.
  4. Dry mouth and phlegm.

PG advantages

  1. Easy to mix flavors.
  2. Strong throat hit.
  3. The smoke oil is smooth and smooth.


  1. Although the FDA recognizes that it is safe, there are no adverse reactions.
  2. Smoke oil needs to add sweetener to increase sweetness.
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