I believe this issue is no stranger to most vapers. So what should we do when we encounter this problem?

what is the 510 connector?

In fact, most of the e-cigarettes on the market are mostly 510 connectors. Of course, other standard connectors have also appeared in the early days. But now, in order to unify standards, electronic cigarettes have adopted 510 connector.


If your vape mod has a “NO ATOMIZER” message on the display, what are the causes? So let me tell everyone.

1. Tank and mod are not connected, there are link gaps.

Reinstall and connect Tank to mod

2. There are other media between Tank and mod, resulting in poor contact.

Make sure there is nothing between the tank and the MOD (dust, insulation, etc.), wipe it and reconnect it.

3. Atomizer Coil’s resistance exceeds 10 ohms

Make sure that the resistance of your installed coil head does not exceed 10 ohms, and install the appropriate coil head according to the mod’s recommended output to prevent the coil from being burnt

4. Atomizer coil is damaged

Please make sure that your atomizer coil is working properly. If you can’t judge it, please replace the spare coil for testing. If you replace the new coil, the atomizer can be used normally, then the coil head is damaged.

5. Vape mod software is damaged

If you have tried the above method can not solve your problem, it may be your vape mod software problem, I suggest you try to reinstall the software. If this does not work, please contact the corresponding manufacturer for after-sales service.

6. 510 connector damage/vape mod hardware damage

Make sure your 510 connector is working properly. You can change your atomizer to another vape mod for testing. If the atomizer works properly, then it is possible that the 510 connector/vape mod hardware is damaged. Please contact the corresponding manufacturer for after-sales service.

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  1. I have a vaporesso gemini rta tank could you help me I have replaced the two coils and now found I have ohm reading – on mod it just says no atomiser ? can you advise thanks