In each brand, there are featured products with the highest exposure rate. As for SMOK, TFV atomizer can be called one of its distinctive product and recently it also released the mini version of TFV12 PRINCE- SMOK TFV12 BABY PRINCE.


It would not be much difficult for vapers to find out that TFV12 PRINCE has upgraded its atomizer and improved the oil-filling cover by using a spring to make the cover more stable, making the tank oil leakage free. Although this baby version has a tiny size, it still retain this feature.

In the original package, there are two glass tubes with different capacity and the cube installed on the atomizer, capable of extending the capacity of the tank to 4.5ml. The diameter of the Baby PRINCE is 23mm(the base). The whole kit uses metal material, delivering vapers a sense of coolness and quality. There are three coils in the original package: 0.4Ω, 0.15Ω(with bulb), 0.15Ω(mesh coil).

How is the performance of Mesh coil?

Mesh coil is the highlight of the atomizer. For vapers starting their vaping life early, they might be familiar with mesh coil. However, it is difficult for us to see this kind of mesh coil used in finished core. Besides, this type of coil heats the oil quickly. If you find the best output power within the power range suggested by manufacturer, its taste will be more delicate. The parameter of two other coils are commonly used in other vape kits of SMOK, therefore, here we would not elaborate.

The structure of the vape kit is very tradition just as that of other vape kit. The package include two kinds of the tubes and actually except the capacity, there is nothing different. The capacity of the tank can be extended from 2ML to 4.5ML by replacing the tubes. This feature is favored by most of the vapers.

Beautiful and high quality

There are 10 colors available for this atomizer. SMOK not only tries hard to meet vapers taste but also keeps improving the quality of its atomizer. The BABY PRINCE, as one of the latest atomizer released serves as the best example to convince those vapers that SMOK product is a combination of beauty of quality.

Cloud chasers usually show their preference for large-sized atomizers. However, they found a disadvantage about the beast-like atomizer that they are too big to hold in the palm. But, don’t worry, BABY PRINCE can perfectly solve this problem. It is designed for you to hold comfortably.

There are some factors needs to be considered in reviewing an atomizer with finished core. First, we need to focus on its workmanship. Then, we should pay attention to the stability and hermeticity of all its parts. Generally speaking, in terms of the taste, Products from other manufacturers don’t show a lot of differences.

What’s your experience with SMOK TFV12 BABY PRINCE?


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