We will feel the flavor of e-liquid becomes different and lose the original flavor after one or two week using. Is it because the bad quality of e-liquid? Or is there something wrong with the vape? Generally speaking, such phenomenon is a result of burnt atomizing coil. Atomizer coil is a part of atomizer that needs to be changed regularly.
There are ways to extend the using time of it.

The inside cotton of a new coil is dry when it is firstly used. If we heat it at once, it will endure high temperature with a dry cotton. Thus it is more likely to be burnt. Thus every time before using a new coil, we have to place it for 3-5minutes after dipping it into e-liquid, which will make the cotton completely moisturized.

Enough E-liquid
Small amount of e-liquid provides convenience to exchanging another flavor e-liquid. However, this will make the coil easier to be burnt. When filling e-liquid, we’d better keep the amount of e-liquid at least accounts for 2/3 of the whole e-liquid storing tank and refill e-liquid timely.

Suitable VG percentage
Generally, e-liquid with high percentage is more viscous and with less liquidity. Similarly, a lower VG percentage is quicker to moisturize the cotton. As a result, when using e-liquid with a high VG percentage, we need to extend the intervals between vaping and avoid vaping continuously without a stop.

To extend the life of coils, we need to pay more attention to our vaping habits and correct our behavior by learning from experienced vapers.

Atomizer coil

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