In recently, vape culture has exploded providing hundreds of different devices and thousands of brands of e-juice. Now, let’s take a look at what’s the five most popular vaporizers in 2017.
Number 1: Innokin Cool Fire IV 100W
The Innokin Cool, a starter kit, is intended for those who want to start blowing big clouds right out of the box. The maximum output is 100W. It is best suited for those who are truly in chasing clouds. In addition, the kit also packs with the latest iSubv tank that provides huge vapor and a perfect vaping experience.

Number 2: Eleaf iStick Pico
Eleaf is a big dog in the vape industry offering fan favorites like iStick and iJust series. The Eleaf iStick Pico, a compact and small vape, provides users a whopping 75W of power. It also comes with a Melo 3 Mini tank, and the tank screws nicely into the mod. Featuring a top filling system, you can fill your e-juice to tank easily.

Number 3: Kanger Top Box Mini
Kanger is a name synonymous with the vape world. The Kanger Top Box Mod is one of the trendiest and sexiest looking mods, the white version features black accents, while the black version has accents. No matter which color you get the device looks smooth.

Number 4: Eleaf iStick 60W
The Eleaf iStick 60W has been well received by users and critics alike. Its mod and tank are free from defects, buttons feel responsive and solid, the LED display is cleat, bright, and easy to read. It comes with a top fill Melo 2 tank.

Number 5: Joyetech EVic VTwo
The EVic VTwo is the flagship device provided by Joyetech. The device increases upon its predecessor providing improvised wattage and a leak proof Cubis Pro tank. It features a large, bright and easy to read LED display. Now the EVic Two comes with a Joyetech Cubis Pro tank that features a top filling system.

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