How to smoke healthily

1.Change the brand of cigarettes. If only smoke the same brand of cigarettes, it will make the body produce tolerance to this brand of cigarette after a long time. You will smoke more and more cigarettes.

2.Use e-cigarettes instead. The advantages of the e-cigarette is that it doesn’t have so many harmful ingredients. E-cigarettes can be used to reduce the amount of smoking, so replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes can help alleviate the physical dangers of smoking.

3.Avoid smoking in public smoking places. Public smoking places tend to be closed, and the smoke inside with extremely high harmful substances. The harm of smoking in public smoking places is far greater than the dangers of secondhand smoke.

4.Smoking with a filter. Although the taste of the cigarette will change, it can also help you to filter out the harmful substances in most cigarettes.

5.Don’t smoke the last mouthful of cigarette. It is the higher the content of the harmful substances in the end. Giving up the last mouthful of cigarette can significantly reduce the overall content of the harmful substances in cigarettes.


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