A questionnaire survey on the electronic cigarette online forum shows a different recognition from the general public: nearly nine smokers have quit smoking traditional cigarettes after using vapers. Although the high proportion of figures is doomed to controversy, it also highlights the fact that electronic cigarettes are sure to help people quit smoking. Look at the knowledge that new vapers have to know about.

1. How should we start?
Before entering the big family of vape, we recommend that you have a detailed understanding of the electronic cigarette and the surrounding area, and carefully read every line of this post. We encountered too many novice players who complained about buying wrong, buying expensive, being cheated, early knowing they would not buy this, and so on. It’s all because they didn’t learn related knowledge before entering the pit.

2. How do new vapers choose equipment?
If you have already decided to enter the pit, we suggest that you start with a pressure regulating electronic cigarette. The safety of this type of vape is the highest and has the function of dual circuit protection. Compared with pressure regulating vape, mechanical vape does not have dual circuit protection and voltage regulation functions, and bad businesses will not advise you not to use mechanical vapes. Everything should be safe first.

3. How to distinguish the good or bad of the vape?
Many novice players will ask many questions, such as “Is A good? Is B good? Which is better?” There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, and there are many different models. Hence, you have to learn more about vape. Choosing the popular products of the famous manufacturers is generally not too far away. Even if it doesn’t fit you at the end, it will be a very good device, and you can sell it to other players.

4. Is there a difference between vaping and smoking?
In addition to using traditional smoking way, electronic cigarette is also used directly by lung inhalation. Traditional cigarettes are too exciting to smoke in this way. But even if there is no other way, it is a good choice to use the traditional smoking way.

5. What is MOD?
The full name of MOD is Modification, which comes from the enhancement program of computer games. In this field you can understand that there are many combinations of electronic cigarettes in accessories, stainless steel barn, acrylic storehouse, ceramic base, and so on. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of the atomizer is called MOD. It is simple to say, similar to the car modification. This is also a part of the charm of the development of electronic cigarettes to date.

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