The most harm of traditional cigarettes is the tar and more than 3,000 harmful carcinogens burning tar produces. People smoke for nicotine. Tar and smoke are poisons imposed by the product. In fact, the smoke is smelly, but smokers need nicotine. The e-liquid of e-cigarettes contain nicotine. And there is no burning and tar producing while you smoke it. The paper doesn’t change its color when you blow vapor to it. The main components of oil are glycerol, alcohol, nicotine, essence and so on.

About the content of nicotine in e-cigarettes

As usual, a bottle of 30ml oil contains 1.2%, 0.6% or 0% content of nicotine on nowadays market. If a person smokes a box of cigarettes, he will consume oil of about 2 ml when he turns to e-cigarette. The input of nicotine is 24 mg according to the max content of nicotine 1.2%. There usually is a notice on the cigarettes case that the content of nicotine in a cigarette is about 1 mg so that of a carton of cigarettes is 20 mg. so our body can take in enough nicotine to meet the carving directly without taking in tar and other poisonous substance. After using it for some times, we can change to oil of less nicotine. The content of nicotine of oil is indicated on the package of smoke oil.

The function of e-cigarettes

To be simple, e-cigarettes are a low-pressure device of microelectronic atomization. It meets users’ demand by healing and atomizing the solution of tobacco flavor to smokes. The body of e-cigarettes can be divided into two parts: atomizer and electronic device. The smoke oil is put into atomizer. What influences the flavor of e-cigarettes is the quality of smoke oil, battery capacity and the quality of atomizer. The opium pipe is essential to choose good smoke oil and atomizer. Cheap opium pipe will produce bad flavor because of the bad atomizing result of smoke oil.

If we say quitting smoking by willpower is 90% perseverance and 10% skills. Then quitting smoking by e-cigarettes is 10% perseverance and 90% skills. I have stopped smoking since I used e-cigarettes. Don’t expect the flavor is the same with traditional cigarettes. The flavor of e-cigarettes is absolutely better than traditional cigarettes. Now I will feel sick when I smell the traditional cigarettes. People smoke for nicotine. Tar and smoke are poisonous by-products. The feelings of smoking traditional cigarettes after e-cigarettes is the same with that of smoking a paper rolling leaves because you meet your demand for nicotine. Nowadays flavor of smoke oil just is similar but impossibly the same. If you insist on e-cigarettes for several days, you will give up traditional cigarettes. It deserves buying for our health. At least, your lung will not turn dark.


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