You bought a favorite e-cigarette, but it didn’t take a long time before it broke. In this moment, it must bother you about asking for after-sales service. In fact, the e-cigarette also need maintain in the daily time. How to maintain your vape? Now, I share some tips to help you maintain e-cigarettes.

1. The right placement is very important.
When there is e-liquid in your atomizer, you should put the cigarette holder up. If there is no e-liquid, it can be put freely, but you had better not make it stand upright to avoid the remaining oil leaking out. In addition, if the e- cigarette lie on the flat, it is likely to cause it fall off from the desk, resulting in damage. The right placement should also include making e-cigarette keep away from open fire, heat place and some places within the touch of children.

2. The maintenance of battery.
The battery of e-cigarette is a vital part. The battery should be exhausted as much as possible before you charge it. Do not interrupt power when it is being charged until its power is full. Turn off the power when you not in use of it for a long time. Smoking time should not be too long to prevent battery overheating and then affect battery life.

3. The maintenance of atomizer.
The coil is the main part of atomizer, which is made of resistance, oil guide rope and some accessories. Atomizer’s scorched taste is the biggest problem, because the heating of resistance burn the oil guide. It is very important to check the remaining amount of oil to avoid excessive burning.

In addition, it is advisable to take the battery and the atomizer out each time you add oil, and wipe it with paper towels once a day.

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