Blue Moon CBD Juice

Generally speaking, your vaping experience is largely influenced by the e-juice you use. If you want to have a great vaping experience, you need to find a suitable e-juice. There are as many oil manufactures as the e-cigar manufactures. CBD is one of them, known for its medical benefits of cannabis.

Pure VS Red Devil

CBD oil is made of legal hemp plants which will not get your high since it does not include THC and you will only get blazed when using it too much. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about highly addicted chemicals in the oil. The hemp plants is said to come from the Swiss Alps. Now let’s have a look at one of its product-Blue Moon CBD oil.

The Blue Moon Hemp is known for their extract process. Normally, they make e-juice in two flavors and in two strengths. Both kind of e-juice do not contain nicotine. If you want to enjoy nicotine, you can mix them with other oils with nicotine concentration.

This Blue Moon CBD also comes with two flavors: the pure and the red devil. Following are my personal experience with this two flavors.

You can judge its flavor by its name “pure”, its flavor is pure. It delivers you the original hemp flavor as you expect. However, it is unreasonable for you to believe that it will get you high. Besides, it tastes clean and not bitter. You can taste it alone or you can also mix it with other e-juice.

Another flavor of the Blue Moon CBD oil is the red devil. Do not be scared by its name. Actually, it is sweeter than the former one. I have tasted it for once and I do not think is flavor is favorable. But you can blend it with other oil which would be a nice choice.

What’s your choice? Pure or Red Devil?

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