IJOY has been hotting in the vape market for a long time. You can see that their new products are launched to the market every one or two weeks, making you hard to catch up with their pace. With abundant new releases focusing on innovation, the Ijoy has become the leader in the vape industry.
So how is the new product-Genie PD270 Kit compared with its predecessor? You are unreasonable to take it for granted that this two vape kits will be the same. In fact, they are two different types.
The Genie PD270 Kit released by IJOY comes with powerful dual 20700 batteries and a Captain S tank atomizer.

The Genie PD270 Kit has a lot of impressive features among which the most outstanding one is the customizable chassis. What’s the special point about this chassis. Take a look at it, you will find it is fashionable with interchangeable leather stickers so that you can personalize your vape kit. On the back of the e-cigar, there is a internal RGB backlight and a gimmicky LED light which can be used as a flashlight. What’s more the mod is highly compatible with tanks with a diameter of 30mm.

As for the Captain S tank atomizer, it has a e-liquid capacity of 4ml, enough for your daily use. The tank also employs a thread-less coil head design and a grooved chassis construction which can minimize heat aw well as deliver you the flavor vapor.

Despite the outstanding features, it seems that the IJOY GENIE has almost the same operating specs with the Captain PD270 Box Mod. Maybe this will be a little disappointing to the IJOY fans. But let’s take a sober head and ask yourself is it really a new innovation? I think this needs some discussion.

Genie PD270

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