User Instruction

Coil Installation

Make sure the cartridge is empty before

installing the coil. Insert the coil firmly into thecartridge.

Coil Replacement

Make sure the cartridge is empty beforereplacing the coil. Pull out the used coil andinstall a new one firmly.

Fill the E-liquid

Snap off the drip tip from the cartridge.Gently insert the e-liquid filing bottle tip tothe flling slot.

Squeeze the e-liquid through the slot.

Install the drip tip back and confirm it shut firmly.

*If it’s the first time filling the e-liquid, please wait 5 minutes for the coil to prime.

Install the cartridge

Put the cartridge with installed coil onto thebattery. Make sure they are firmly connected.

Power On/Off

Press the power button 5 times within 2 Toggseconds to power on or power off the device.

Lock/Unlock the system

Press the power button 3 times continuously tounlock the system if the device is in the lockedstate. Without any operation within 5 seconds,the system will lock automatically.

Adjust the output wattage

Press the power button gradually in theunlocked stateto adjust the output wattage.

To avoid overheating, set the device’s output upawattage only within the recommended wattageoutput range specified for the coil.

Adjust the airflow

Adjust the airflow toggle to customize yourvaping experience.

Start vaping

In the locked state, hold the power button andinhale through the drip tip. Release the powerbutton and exhale.

Charge the device

Plug in the Type-C USB cable to charge the battery. The battery level will be displayed on the OLED screen. When it’s fully charged, the device will stop charging automatically.

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