The Talent Vape ECO Pod Kit,I have tried it. And it gives me a good impression. The Talent Vape ECO brings you the original flavor without burned oils, and it tastes good. The airflow is adjustable and smooth. Nevertheless, it needs time to test how long the coil can be used.

Then, I will share some operations tips with you. And hope these can help you.

Coil Installation & Tank Filling

1). Pull and remove the pod from the main body;

2). Put a new coil into the chamber;

3). Place the tip of filling the bottle into the pod filling hole, squeeze the filling bottle to add e-liquid into the cartridge.

4). Insert the cartridge into the power unit.


When installing a new coil, let the pod stand for 5 minutes after filling so the cotton can be saturated with e-liquid before use. Do not let the pod become completely empty, Refill the pod to avoid dry burning or damage to the coil.


1. Power On: Fast press Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn the device on. The screen displays “Talent Vape”;

2. Vaping: While the device is on, press Fire button to vape (it will be forced to stop working when vaping is longer than 10s one time, showing ”TIME OVER” release and press to vape again); Press the UP and DOWN button simultaneously to lock or unlock the vaping function;

3. Press UP or DOWN Button to choose your desired wattage;

4. Power Off: While the device is on, fast press Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn it off.


1). Do not use this product if you are allergic to nicotine or any of the other ingredients contained within the e-liquid (see the manufacturer’s label for full details).

2). Please remove the cartridge when not using the device for a long period.

3). Please timely refill the cartridge to prevent coil burning.

LED Indicator Status

This is the end of the article, thank you for reading!

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