Herakles Pod Mod Kit is so popular now. Here we will share its operating guide with you.

Sense Herakles Mod Kit Speciation

Dimension 27mm x 25.2mm x 104.5mm
Liquid capacity 6.0ml
Material Zinc alloy, PC
Battery capacity 1500mAh
Output wattage 5-40W
Input voltage 3.3-4.2V
Coil option 0.4ohm mesh coil


1. Install coil

Take out the coil from the box, and insert the coil into the empty pod.

2. Filling

Pull out the silicone plug and properly filling e-juice, then close the plug. Wait for 5-8 minutes till the coil is fully soaked by the e-juice.


1. Power on/off

Quickly click the fire button 5 times in 2s to power on/off.

2. Vape

Press and hold the fire button to vape. The device will automatically stop if vaping longer than 8s. Release and press the fire button again to vape.

  • LED lights: under LED Mode, the lights will stay ON while vaping.

Quickly click the fire button 3 times to lock/unlock the device. You may not vape or use any functions under LOCK mode.

3. LED Light Setting

LED Mode

Press and hold LED button for 3s, the device goes into Led mode settings. Press and hold for 3s again each time to browse the following 4 light settings one by one.

  • To choose a certain option while browsing, release the LED button, and the system will automatically choose the current setting.

1). Regular Single type of LEDlights up at a time. To choose a certain light with your vaping firstly press + and LED button lo browse 12 types of lights which showing on both sides of the screen, then release the button for confirmation.

2). Flash: Al types of LED mixed and lights up together.

3). Display. Display “Regular and Flash’ modes all ver again.

4). OFF: Turn the LED off.

4. Functions

1) Click the +/-button to adjust the wattage from 5-40W.

2) Puff Clear Press-and LED button at the same time.

3). Lock Wattage: Press the+ and-together lock the wattage adjustments. You could still vape when the wattage locked.

This is the end of the article, thank you for reading.

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