Both Morph 219 and MAG P3 have some of the same features. However, the Smok Mag P3 is an upgraded version and has more features than its predecessor.

Before using this product for the first time:

  • Install applicable lithium batteries follow the directions for positive and negative poles (see below).
  • Connect the power supply to the tank.
  • Make sure the set wattage is in the range of recommended wattage for coil, the version of the coil and the recommended wattage are printed at the front and back of the coil.
  • Touch or to adjust the wattage.

1. Power On

While the device is off, quickly click Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn it on. The screen successively displays “SMOK”. (If you have set passwords, you need to input your passwords first)

2. Power off

Press the Fire Key five times until the interface displays “POWER OFF? Yes or No”;
choose “Yes” to power off. Alternatively, you can touch the screen and choose
“SETTING”->”GENERAL”->”Power Off” to turn off the device.


1) While, the device is on, hold Fire Key to vape (it will be forced to stop working when one vaping is longer than 10s, release and press again to vape);

2) Quickly press the Fire Key 3 times to lock or unlock the vaping function.

Note: Locking the Fire key will lock the touch function simultaneously. To use the touch function again, you need to perform the slide-to-unlock to unlock the touch function.

3. Screen Unlocked and Touch Function Unlocked Status

1) Touch or to adjust the current wattage or temperature value;

2) Press Fire Key three times to lock the device (move the arrow to the right, and the screen can be unlocked.)

4. You can touch “Setting” > “Passcode” to set your own passwords.

  • Make sure the coil is tightly screwed onto the atomizer base.
  • Fill the tank completely with e-liquid (see below).
  • Take 2-3 puffs while the power is off and without pressing the Fire Key.
  • Begin vaping.
  • If e-liquid is sucked through the SMOK product into the mouth, immediately wash your mouth out completely, seek medical assistance if needed (see below), then remove the atomizer and
    clean the spillage before vaping again.

Instructions on how to fill this product with e-liquid

Before the e-liquid in a SMOK product runs out, add e-liquid into the tank/pod. This should be done before the e-liquid runs out to avoid burning the coil.

Before filling the e-liquid, the user had better drip some e-liquid on the coil head for better e-liquid saturated and avoid coil heating without e-liquid.

1) The tank uses top refill system, you just need to hold the tank with one hand, and use another one to screw off its drip tip.
2) Add e-liquid through the slot, and pay attention not to drip it into the central airflow tube.
3) Close the cap carefully and firmly. Then let it stand for several minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated.

Before filling or refilling the SMOK tank, please read carefully these instructions below. Please also read carefully the filling instructions provided with the e-liquid which you vape.

Before filling the SMOK product with e-liquid: first check that the nozzle on the e-liquid container is securely attached to the e-liquid container itself and that the nozzle is at least 9mm long.

Then check that the nozzle attached to an e-liquid refill container can easily connect – and slot into – the SMOK tank. The nozzle attached to an e-liquid refill container must be narrower, and smaller in diameter, than the opening in the SMOK tank.

Carefully connect the nozzle attached to an e-liquid refill container, into the opening (i.e. filling slot) of the SMOK tank.

Ensure that the nozzle of the e-liquid refill container is fully inserted into the filling slot of the SMOK tank, and that there is no release of e-liquid until the nozzle is fully inserted into the filling slot by refraining from touching the release mechanism of the e-liquid refill container (see instructions for the container containing e-liquid) until the nozzle is fully inserted into the SMOK tank.

Once the nozzle is fully and securely inserted, and the docking system is therefore fully connected, release e-liquid from the e-liquid refill container (see instructions for the e-liquid refill container). Release of e-liquid from the e-liquid refill container should be slow, careful and monitored by users to ensure absolutely no spillage is possible.

Instructions on changing the coil

After dripping e-liquid into a tank with a new coil, please stand the tank for 15 minutes to avoid the possibility of coil-burning.
Please make sure the set wattage is in the range of recommended wattage for coil using.

Replace coil head.
Screw off the base, pull out the old coil and install a new one in.

Control air input.
Rotate the adjustable airflow system to control air input.

If you have any questions about your Smok P3, feel free to contact us!

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