How to use?

1. Power on/off:
Hold the mod and pull the magnetic cell cover to open. Put one 21700 or 18650 battery (with the silicone sleeve on positive pole) inside and close the cell cover. Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn the device on or off.
1. Please always use high rate 21700/18650 battery with continuous discharge rate (CDR) ≥25A.
2. Please pay attention to the positive and negative signs when installing the cell.
3. Do not use cells with torn casing for safety reasons.

2. Vaping
Hold the fire button and inhale through the mouthpiece. Release the fire button and exhale. Please choose the correct mode and adjust the wattage to a proper range according to yur atomizer before use.

3. Lock/ unlock
You can lock the screen by clicking the function button to avoid any touch by mistake. Also, the screen will be locked automatically each time when you click the fire button. Click the function button once to unlock. You can turn the screen on/off by clicking the function button 2 times in quick succession.

4. Charging & Upgrading
Please always use high-rate 21700/18650 battery. This device adopts equalizing charge system which supports quick charge capability with max charging current up to 2.0A. You can also take out the cells and charge them in a stand alone charger.

General Settings

The ESPION Solo has a 1.3 inch touchscreen. When the device is on, swipe the screen to the right to check the mod status at a quick glance.

Menu system: Swipe the screen to the left to enter the main menu. In the menu, tap the icons to enter. There you can switch your modes, check battery and mod info, and change your settings. Inside of the settings, you can lock your coil head, adjust power output, set sub-parameters (puff/time/current), set the clock, turn the preheat on, and set timeout duration.

Output adjustment: Under power mode, tap the up/down arrows to adjust the wattage directly. Under TC/TCR modes, swipe the screen to the left. Tap the settings icon and then tap the power option. There you can adjust the output freely by tapping up/down arrows.

Temperature adjustment: Simply tap the up/down arrows to adjust the temperature directly under TC/TCR modes.

Timeout: In the menu system, tap on enter settings > timeout and choose the duration. Once set, the device will be powered off automatically when you hold the fire button over the duration as a self-protective system.

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