asMODus Rose Finch Mech Mod

The most innovative Switch mechanical mod( Rose Finch Mech Mod) comes with Rose Finch appearance and beautiful threading, beautiful glance to it, very very shiny.

The special feature of asMODus Mech Mod

I like the switch, which has beautiful earth Earth magnets, great on it, beautiful floating, it is not the firmware, not too loose, perfect for me. However, for its diameter, it is not 24 Millimeter or 25 Millimeter, maybe 25 Millimeter makes it overheads, perhaps I get the reason of 24.5 Millimeter is to have one thing, one atomizer.

The asMODus Rose Finch Mech Mod has very unique firing switch, floating and unique or self-adjusting switch, automatically adjust itself, preventing accidentally firing from this mod. You don’t have to worry about that. You can put it in sitting on sitting upright when you push down on it, it will not fire. Also, come out from the button, but it will not fire. Yet to go the bottom below the piece of the switch, to go in, it doesn’t fire. So, you don’t need to locking, you can put in in the pocket, it will not fire.

The fire button inside is seriously magnet, very very strong, crazy nice. It can heat nice, pretty good.
I like magnet one like this, it’s not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. In all, it is a Competition Mech Mod.

Last but not least, asMODus Rose Finch Mech Mod clearance at Sourcemore Online Vape Store, if you like it, you can check it out!

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