I can’t wait to share, EOS II 180W

2019 has already begun, then what do you want to share with me? So in the first month of 2019, I can’t wait to share a unique Vape mod, EOS II 180W Box Mod. This is a new game vape mod launched by asMODus and ULTRONER. So what kind of experience does it bring?

EOS II 180W 

How about EOS II 180W Box Mod?

EOS II is an upgraded version of EOS Mod. It not only allows us to get a more ergonomic design experience and upgrades the chip. Now you are free to change the color of the display, the way to unlock it, and the puff limit more.

Here’s a fun thing to share with you. Just need to swipe left and right, you can change the boost mode. You can switch between SOFT, NORMAL and HARD mode. AsMODus offers three versions of firmware to choose from, and you can customize the effect you want to display. It is indeed a personalized product.

EOS II 180W Mod

Compared to the vape box mod on the market, the EOS II 180W has the same vaping ability, but it can give you more personalized options. If you buy it, it is your exclusive product. It is unique, and you are unique. Do you like it?

If you can’t wait, then come to Sourcemore online shop to buy it. come on

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