How to Use:
Getting the atomizer ready:

1. Uninstall the mouthpiece and glass tube.
2. The atomizer head is located right on the base. Always drip a few drops of e-liquid into the head before use to get it soaked.
3. Screw the tube back on the base tightly
4. Fill the e-liquid into the tube directly.
5. Put the mouthpiece back on.


Please Do Not wash the atomizer with water. Simply scrub it with clean dry cloth.

Change the atomizer head:

When you’re in need to change atomizer head, empty the e-liquid first to avoid leaking into the base. (Clean it in time when there’s e-liquid on it)
Put the device upside down, remove the mouthpiece and glass tube. Replace the head with a new one and install it onto the base tightly. Put the glass tube and mouthpiece back on.

Power on/off:

Click the fire button 5 times in quick succession, the button light will flash 5 times to indicate that the device is ready. In the same way, the device will be powered off after 5 clicks,


Hold the fire button and inhale. Release to exhale.


Simply charge the device by connecting it with computer or wall adapter via USB cable.

Indicate Light:

Green light will flash 3 times to indicate it power on and 5 times for power off.
Low battery indicate light: Green light will flash 10 times when the voltage is lower than 3.4V and into sleep mode.
Red Light lasts long when charging. The green will be bright after fully charged.


1. Keep out of reach of children
2. This device is not recommended fro use by people under 18 or non-smokers.
3. This device is not suitable for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women.
4. This device is not suitable for use by people who’re allergic or sensitive to nicotine or those who can’t use nicotine products for health reassons.
5. This device is not suitable for use by people who have cardiovascular disease or repireatory disease.
6. This device is not suitable for use by people who diseases like cardiac dysfunction, high blood pressure or diabetes.


1. Only have your device repaired by IJOY. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.
2. Do not leave the device in high temperatures or damp conditions, as this may damage the device. The appropriate operation temperature is within 0°C to 45′ ( while charging and -10°C to 60′( while is use.
3. Do not attempt to combine the device with parts of other brands of e-cigarette. IJOY will not take responsibility and your warranty will be void if any damage caused by this way.

Warranty terms:

IJOY agrees to provide repair under warranty pursuant to the following terms and conditions
1. This warranty provide repair free of charge for defective IJOY brand merchandise. Warranty period is 90 days from date of purchasing by the end user
2. This warranty may void as a result of any of the following conditions:

* Customer does not provide warranty card and original receipt of purchase.
* Merchandise failure or damage as a result of excessive force such as dropping.
* Merchandise failure or damage as a result of usage outside of recommended operating conditions (see precautions in usage manual).
* Merchandise failure or damage caused by improper use of water or other liquid.
* Merchandise failure or damage due to usage with non-IJOY components (charger, battery, and power cable).

3. This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments, including but not limited to: mouthpiece, cartridge, atomizer head, lanyard, and leather sheath
4. This warranty does not cover any non-UOY brand products. This warranty is only valid for eligible UOY brand products during the warranty period of 90 days after date of purchase as indicated on proof of purchase.

IJOY reserves the right of final decision In all warranty cases
IJOY may Interpret and resise the content of this warranty terms
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