Pod Capacity: 1.5ml
Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm (Japanese Organic Cotton)

For safety, please read below instruction before usage. Company is not responsible for damage that is caused by other wrong usage that is not listed below.

Fill the pod up to 80% e-liquids
Hold the pod upright for 2 minutes until the coil is sufficiently wet.

Please Note When using!

When charging. Be sure DC 5V adapter.
Charging 100% before using this product for the time is highly recommended for longer battery life.
Charging before the battery gets fully discharged is highly recommended for longer battery life.

Package Contents

Battery * 1, pod *1, USB Cable * 1, User Manual*1


Pod:21mm*15mm*28mm, Weight: 3.8g,1.6ohm, capacity:1.5ml
Battery: 21mm*15mm*51mm, Weight:16.1g
Battery Capacity: 370mAh


Pod: 100% Japanese organic cotton, Ni-Cr wire
Battery: Aluminium & Plastic, li-ion battery

Product Function
Justfog Minifit Instruction
i. Justfog minifit Battery Indication

ii. Battery Functions

Press Power button 4 times consecutively (within 2 seconds): Power On/Off
The battery is fully charged, LED off.
3 LED lights blink 4 times: Short-circuit
3 LED light blink 10 times: When the battery power button is continuously pressed for 10 seconds or more, the protection circuit shuts down the power.
The battery LED lights blink 2 times: The pod is not correctly placed.

iii. Constant Voltage Function

The battery of minifit delivers constant voltage that keeps the flavor and vapor production of the device constant regardless of the residual power in it.

iv. Smart Battery protection Functions
Short Circuit Protection

When short circuit occurs for any reason while connecting the battery and the clearomizer, the protection circuit automatically cuts off the power to prevent any damage to the battery.

Overheating Protection

If the battery power button is pressed more than 10 seconds, LED light will blink and the protection ciruit will shut down the power to prevent overheating in the battery and the clearomizer.

Overcharge Protection

Before the battery is fully discharged, the protection circuit will cut off the power to prevent safety accident caused by overcharge.

Overvoltage charge protection

If charging voltage is higher than required, the circuit will automatically block the charge current.

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