This product has been on the market for some time. But the vaping experience is various from vaper to vaper. Frankly speaking, do you really understand how to use this Q16 Pro correctly?

First, let’s know it from the video review below.

Justfog Q16 Video Review

Please note when using Justfog Q16!

  • The coil can be damaged if it is not sufficiently wet with e-liquid.

Hold the clearomizer up for 2 minis until the coil is sufficiently wet.
Refill the e-liquid before the tank is completely empty.

  • Do not vape when the air hole is completely closed. It may cause leakage and overheat.
  • Close the top cap immediately and do not leave the top cap open after filling the e-liquid. It may cause leakage.
  • When charging, be sure to use DC SV adapter
  • Charging 100% before using this product for the first time is highly recommended for longer battery life.
  • Charging 100% before using this product for the first time is highly recommended for longer battery life.


Q16PRO Clearomizer | Diameter: 16mm, Height: 60mm, Weight 220g
Q16Pro battery | 16.5 x 25.2 x 70.4mm/ 38.0g
Liquid Capacity | 1.9ml
Recommender Coil | JUSTFOG 1.6ohm Coil
Battery Capacity | 900mAh(510Thread)
Voltage | 3.5-3.8-4.1-4.4 (4 levels)


E-liquid filling and assembling

a. Release the button cap and assemble the coil
b. Assemble the Clearomizer.
c. Release the top cap.
d. Inject the e-liquid through the side holes. Please be careful not to inject to the hole in the center between the side holes.
c. Assemble the Clearomizer.

Airflow control

Control the airflow by sliding the air-hole pin.

Battery Functions

1. Basic function

-4 stage voltage control: Press the Voltage Control button to adjust voltages by 4 stages.(3.5-3.8; 4.1-4.4)
-Remaining the battery indication: LED color change.
(White 100-65%/Blue 65-30%/Red 30-0%)
-Power On/Off: Click the fire button 4 times consecutively within 2 seconds.

2.Display function

-Clearomizer and battery are not properly connected: Remaining the battery LED and voltage LED blinks 3 times.
-Charging connected: Remaining battery LED blinks 1 cycle in White-Blue-Red sequence and displays the current remaining battery.
-Need-to-charge alert: Red LED light blinks 4 times by clicking the fire button when charging is need.
-Battery is fully charged: LED off.

Package Contents

1x Q16PRO Clearomizer, 1x Q16PRO battery, 1x USB Cable, 1x User Manual, 1x Safety Guide


Q16Pro Clearomizer | Pyrex Glass Anodized-AI, Chrome Coated Brass, Cotton, Ni-Cr wire 1.6ohm
Q16Pro Battery | Anodized -AI, PC

Smart battery protection functions

Smart battery protection functions

LED blinks 2 cycles in White-Blue-Red sequence.

LED blinks 2 cycles in White-Blue-Red sequence.

When the battery is fully charged, the protection circuit will cut off the power to prevent safety accidents caused by overcharging.

Overdischarged Protection

When the battery goes down to a certain voltage, the protection circuit will cut off the power to prevent any performance degradation of the battery.

Overvoltage charge Protection

If charging voltage is higher than 6 voltages, the circuit will automatically block the charging power.

Temperature Protection

When temperature of battery circuit(PCBa) reaches 75℃, power is cut off automatically and LED blinks 4 cycles in White-Red sequence.

My vaping experience

Justfog Q16 is a delicate and portable small kit. So it is very convenient to carry specially when you go out. Unluckily, due to the internal structure of the Clearomizer, it is easy to leak e-liquid. Although Q16PRO battery has a smooth body, once it gets water or oil, it can easily slip from the hand.

All in all, after learning the user manual, I hope everyone has a good vaping time!

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