SMOK Nord Introduction

Nord is a newly designed button-triggered pod system device. It has 1100mAh battery capacity, extremely large among pod system devices, making it a definitely powerful one! It is equipped with two exclusive coils, Nord Mesh 0.6Ω coil and Nord regular 1.4Ω coil, one is perfect to get massive vapor; the other can offer excellent MTL experience. It also has a perfect size for you to hold in hand, a newly added button to start vaping and provide information about battery life, besides, there’s an e-liquid window on the pod, all of which are for your convenience! Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

SMOK Nord Kit Incudes

1 ) 1 x Nord Device 2 )

1 x 0.6Ω mesh coil for sub ohm vaping 3 )

1 x 1.4Ω regular coil for MTL vaping 4 )

1 x USB Cable 5 )

1 x User Manual

SMOK Nord Pod Specification


Note: Please carefully keep the AB verification codes on the package. AB verification codes are required and will be used in product verification and after-sales service.
1.Please download and install VapingTour APP. 2.Please refer to, and then follow the steps described in THE NEW ANTI-COUNTERFEITING SYSTEM to verify your product. 3.Only the verified product can get warranty service. 4.If you have any questions, please contact SMOK via e-mail, phone or our website to get more help.

Nord Warranty Period: 6 Months from the Purchase Date. Within the 6 Months, some items may not be eligible for service due to misuse, damage, or other failures caused other than by manufacturer defects or premature failure. Please contact SMOK Authorized Vendor for more information and terms of service.
The Warranty Card is an important proof for customers to get warranty service, please keep it. And read the card carefully and fill it out correctly. Warranty requests must be accompanied by this card.
For more warranty policies and processes, please visit our official website:

SMOK Hearty Service

If you need after-sales service, please send e-mails to

Safety Instructions

1) Charge the battery indoors only; 2) Do not use any power source that does not have a local legal manufacturing license.


Nord Device

  1. Large battery capacity: Built-in 1100mAh rechargeable battery.
  2. When vaping, the LED light will turn white; without pod, the LED light will flash 4 times.
  3. 8 seconds protection: When the power button is held for longer than 8 seconds, the battery will automatically shut down the output and LED light will flash 5 times.
  4. When charging, the LED shows different colors according to the power status. Red light will on when battery power is lower than 30% (battery voltage <3.6V); orange light will on when power is between 30% to 70% (battery voltage: 3.6V-3.9V); and green light will on when power is between 70% to 100% (battery voltage: 3.9V-4.08V). After fully charged (battery voltage >4.08V), the light will off.
  5. Pod Detection: When the pod is installed, the light will on for one second.
  6. Short Circuit Protection: if a load short circuit is detected, the white LED light will flash 4 times. 7. Low Voltage Protection: when battery capacity is lower than 3.3V, the LED light will flash 15 times.
  7. Lithium Battery Protection: over discharge voltage is 2.4V, overcharge voltage is 4.3V, overcharge current is 1A. Note: After vaping for some time, if there is any water vapor gathering on the contact point between the pod and the mod, please clean the water vapor before you reuse it. Too much accumulated water vapor would block the junction and affect the functionality.

SMOK Nord Operation Guide

  1. To turn power on/ off: fast press power button 5 times in succession to power on or off, and the white LED light will flash 3 times.
  2. Long press the power button to vape.
  3. Press power button twice, and then LED shows different colors according to the power status. Red for battery power lower than 30%, orange for battery power between 30%-70%, and green for battery power higher than 70%. 4.Charge the battery via the USB cable included.


How to fill with e-liquid

Pull out the pod; 2. Pull out the rubber plug on the slot; 3. Add e-liquid through the slot; 4. Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

Replace Coil

Pull out the rubber plug on the slot; 3. Add e-liquid through the slot; 4. Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

1.Before using please read the manual carefully. 2.Please avoid getting the e-liquid into your mouth directly. 3.To avoid e-liquid penetrating into the device and shorten its life-circle, please remove pod if the device is not going to be used for a long period. 4.Please refill the pod when the e-liquid is nearly used out to avoid dry-burning of the pod. 5.Please do not drop, throw or mishandle this product as the outer shell or inner components may become damaged. 6.In order to prolong the operation of your product, please keep it away from excessive temperature and humid environment. 7.Please keep this product away from children and pregnant women.
Firstly, pull out the pod, and then pull out the old coil and install a new one in the pod.


Underage sale is prohibited. Depending on your country/region’s legal smoking age. 18+ and over 21+ in other countries/regions..


This product is not intended for use by persons under legal smoking age, nonsmokers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma.

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