Supreme Lite RDTA is the lasted RDTA in the highly successful Aromamizer series which offers a fully functional Supreme atomizer in the same format as the original 23mm RDTA. Our innovative airflow and juice flow design ensures amazing flavor and vapor production whilst allowing the user to choose between 2ml and 5ml capacities and formats. The Supreme Lite RDTA features a spacious Velocity style 2-post deck both for ease of building and a huge variety of build options.

How to fill?

1. Close off the juice flow control.
2. Remove the top cap and fill through one of the large holes either side of the chimney. Refit the top cap.
3. Open up the juice flow control.

Using the single coil plugs:
1. Combined silicone juice plug and ceramic airflow plug
2. Combined silicone juice plug and ceramic airflow plug positioned on the deck
3. Using the silicone juice flow plug only to allow full secondary airflow to coil

This rebuildable atomizer is intended for experienced users with full knowledge of coil building and battery safety.

Build safely, always check your installed coils for shorts before firing and do not stress your battery’s capacity.

If the airflow and juice flow control rings do not move freely please disassemble, check that the o-rings are free from damage and add a little e-juice for lubrication. Spare o-rings are provided in the spares bag.

The locating pins are small and may easily be misplaced, so please take care when disassembling for cleaning. The pins may become dislodged when using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Please do not overtighten components when assembling.

When not in use, close off the juice and airflow controls to avoid any possibility of leaking should the atomizer fall on its side.

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