Do you like MAGE RTA V2?

CoilART is a young e-cigarette brand. Its products are popular with everyone because of its stylish appearance and high performance. So today I recommend the MAGE RTA V2 from CoilART. This is an RTA. This means it can store e-juice like a common Atomizer, and rebuild coils like RDA. I know you like it.

CoilART MAGE RTA V2 Details

It has a 24mm diameter and is better compatible with Vape Mod on the market. Its coil desk is designed with a honeycomb airflow hole that directs air to the coil more directly. The bottom airflow ring and top lid are designed with a luxurious gold-plated design that makes the entire product look more textured. The unique craftsmanship brings a better feel. The new upgraded airflow system makes the vapor experience even more comfortable. By rotating the airflow ring, you can precisely control the desired vaping effect.

Best Time to Buy MAGE RTA V2 Tank

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