Hey, I am coming to share a new product with you today. Today’s product is a great choice for vapers who like good taste. Then what I want to share with you is the Lotus RTA Atomizer from Hugsvape. Let’s see.

What is Hugsvape Lotus RTA Atomizer? This is an RTA Atomizer. Unlike many of our common RTA Atomizers, this is a device that favors the taste. Hugsvape designed two coil builds for this device, which means you will be able to install two coil heads at the same time.

Of course, don’t think that this is very troublesome, this is the fun of RTA Atomizer. Now, you can build the coil head you want, and go get the vaping effect you want through yourself. Of course, Lotus RTA also allows you to store e-juice like a Sub-Ohm tank.

Why do I say it is a flavor Atomizer? You need to turn your attention to its airflow slot. Here you will find two airflow slots at the bottom of the coil. These are two directional airflow slots that allow the air to be directed more directly to the coil, and in the end, we get a better taste.

It not only reduces the temperature of the vapor but also preserves the taste of e-juice. I think you need to try it yourself, and then you know why I would recommend it to you.

If you want to buy, then I would recommend you to buy it at Cloumix e-cigarette online shop.

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