The Hangsen IQ Level Kit is a Slat-Nic electronic cigarette. Unlike other Pod Kits, it comes with three slat nic pods that let us enjoy the nicotine directly. It has a 200mAh battery and can store 0.9ml slat nic.

Salt-Nic Hangsen IQ Level Pod Kit

Do you want to know more about salt-nic hangsen IQ details? The IQ Level Kit comes with a dedicated USB charging cable that is fully charged in 45 minutes. It combines the advantages of the Pen kit and the pod kit, and has a slimmer and more portable size.

IQ Level Pod portable size

We can easily carry it in our pockets. As long as we want, we can vaping any time anywhere. Here are three types of salt-nic pod, Tobacco, Strawberry, Blueberry, Menthol. We are free to choose the flavor we want, and you know? A pod can suck 350puffs, I mean a pod is equivalent to 40 cigarettes. Hey, brother.

salt-nic pod

Who would not choose it? Not only do we get a purer nicotine experience, but the IQ Kit is healthier than cigarettes. I think you need to think about it seriously.

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