Hey, I am very happy to share the Aspire Spryte AIO Ultra Portable Pod Kit. This is a simple but surprisingly good device. Then let me tell you more.

What is the Aspire Spryte AIO Ultra Portable Pod Kit? This is a Starter Kit with a 650mAh battery and a 2.0/3.5ml e-juice. The Pen Kit’s fire button is well preserved on the device, but it has the Pod Kit’s performance. The compact size allows us to carry it easily in your pocket and it comes with a mouthpiece cup. For hygienic vapers, the mouthpiece cup is a great design.

Aspire Spryte AIO Ultra Portable Pod Kit

Spryte is equipped with an adjustable airflow system at the bottom of the Pod Tank, allowing us to get the desired vape effect. Simply turn the airflow ring gently to control the desired temperature and vapor production. But there will be some strangeness here because you need to remove the Pod Tank before you can adjust the airflow. But this is a nice design.

Aspire Spryte Starter Kit

Here we can find two coils, one is a regular BVC Coil, and the other is a BVC Coil for Nicotine salt. Compared to other Pod Kits, Spryte pays more attention to the taste experience, especially the nicotine experience. Not only does it match a regular coil to cater to our daily vape needs, but it also offers a Nicotine Salt coil for a more ultimate experience. I think you need to try it.

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