Aspire continues to bring an innovative experience. Aspire is a brand that beginners like, and its vape kit features easy-to-use and excellent taste. So recently Aspire brought a brand new Pod Kit, Aspire Cobble Kit. How is it performing? Look together

What is the Aspire Cobble Kit? This is an AIO Vape Kit with a cobblestone touch. It has a 700mAh internal battery and can hold 1.8ml e-juice. Aspire offers us five colors, Dark marble, Carbon fiber, Mountain Mist, Woodgrain, Zebra stripe. Like many of the Pod Kits above, this device uses a bottom refilling system. We are free to add our favorite e-juices, such as salt-nico and PG/VG e-juice.

As just said, it is an Easy-to-Use device, where you can suck directly without using any buttons. The biggest highlight of the Cobble Kit is that it comes with a 1.4-ohm coil, which allows us to get a better taste, especially MTL vaping. If you are looking for a portable and high-performance e-cigarette, don’t miss it.

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  1. I just received my aspire cobble kit and I can’t seem to use it. I am using the exact same juice I always use and the cobble smoke too hot and burns my throat. I don’t think there is anything I can adjust on it either Does anyone know?

    1. Please check your nicotine concentration ratio and try not to use too high concentration ratio nicotine e-juice,thank you.

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