I heard a lot of friends complain that RDA Atomizer needs to add e-juice frequently. I understand everyone. RDA Atomizer is a Vape Atomizer that uses cotton as a transitory e-juice storage medium. Although it has a better taste, it needs to add e-juice frequently. Then the Core RTA Tank introduced today will solve your troubles very well.

3 Tips Help You Buy Genuine Vapefly Core RTA Tank Atomizer

Core RTA is a Vape Atomizer that rebuilds the coil and it has extra e-juice storage. It has an innovative airflow structure that allows the coil to come into contact with air over a larger area, giving us a greater amount of vapor and taste. If you are looking for a high-performance device that can store e-juice, don’t miss it.

Where to buy Genuine Vapefly Core RTA Tank?

3Tips Help You Buy It

1. We can buy online stores so that we can get this new product earlier.

2. We must purchase at Vapefly’s official authorized store to ensure we can get genuine Vapefly Core RTA

3. We can purchase in the shop that provides Vapefly Core RTA 3 month warranty to ensure the proper after-sales service.

I think I would recommend you to buy it at the Cloumix E-cigarette Online Store, which is not only an official Vapefly partner, but also offers a three-month warranty. By the way, if you buy now, you can still enjoy the global free shipping brought by Cloumix. What are you waiting for?

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