Q1: Whether the Caliburn G pod cartridge is compatible with Caliburn G2?
A1: No, the pod cartridge can not be used with each other. But, Caliburn G2 is compatible with Caliburn G’s coils, 1.0 Ω meshed coil and 0.8 Ω meshed coil.

Q2: How could the Vibration interaction of Caliburn G2 help vapers?
A2: Caliburn G2 features vibration feedback, enhancing the interaction between you and the device. You would know Caliburn G2’s different situations by vibration feedback.
Even if you don’t look at the device (such as in the dark), you can know that the cartridge insertion action is complete; if you vape for too long, it will remind you; the charging cable plugging and unplugging action will also be reminded in the form of vibration.

Q3: What’s the difference between child lock cartridges and non-child lock cartridges?
A3: The child lock cartridge is an integrated core cartridge design, and a uniquely designed check valve is installed at the oil filling hole of the cartridge, which can be refilled but can not change the coil. In terms of taste performance, there is no difference between the child lock cartridge and the non-child lock cartridge. The volume of the child-locking cartridge is 0.2ML less than that of the non-child-locking cartridge.

Q4: How do the different coils perform?
A4: The lower the resistance, the greater the vapor and the richer the flavor. However, not all the e-liquids used are suitable for low-resistance coils, such as high-cooling and high-nicotine e-liquids. But it is also due to the deviation of human tolerance and demand for the above two substances, there is a small percentage of users who like hit throat.
How to obtain relative comfort during suction has always been a problem for early Vape users. Therefore, we suggest different coils have different Freebase Nicotine and Nic Salt value, as follows:
0.8 Ω meshed coil: 3~6ML Freebase Nicotine, 15~30ML Nic Salt
1.0 Ω meshed coil: 6~8ML Freebase Nicotine, 20~35ML Nic Salt
1.2 Ω meshed coil: 6~12ML Freebase Nicotine, 30~50ML Nic Salt

Q5: What’s the difference between Caliburn A series and Caliburn G series?
A5: The A series is a product created for users who have a strong need for healthy material and taste selection, freedom and openness, while the G series adds functional upgrades and a comfortable experience on the basis of the A series. The purpose is to satisfy more The needs of high-end users.
1). The user difference between the two products is that the user population positioning of the two products is different. The A series are the primary users of open POD, and the G series is the advanced users of open POD products.
2). Caliburn G equipped with USB cable
3). Caliburn G package can be seen directly through the hollow packaging, what you see is what you get.
4). Caliburn G air intake adjustment method has been improved to provide users with a wider airflow adjustable space.
5). The battery is bigger than Caliburn A.

Q6: Will G2 have the same quality problems as A2?
A6: No, because the structure of the cartridge is different, there will be no problems similar to A2 in the scope of normal use.

Q7: Why does G2 have an e-liquid Check window?
A7: In order to satisfy the need in different usage scenarios (for example, in a dark environment at night), it is more convenient to observe the amount of e-liquid in the pod in a variety of holding positions, providing convenience for users and creating value for use

Q8: Is the life of the cartridge cap better than the previous generation?
A8: The G2’s cigarette mouthpiece has been optimized in terms of architecture, the opening method is relatively lighter than the previous generation, and the life span has also been improved.

Q9: I already had G1. Why should I buy G2?
A9: G2 inherits the advantages of the previous generation and has more comprehensive functions in the user experience. with a wider air intake adjustment method, the G2 brings more taste adjustment pleasure to users. Vibration prompts have been added to give users a better human-computer interaction experience. To satisfy people’s curiosity and the pursuit of fashion psychology. The Caliburn G2 improves the taste and expands users’ vaping experience.

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