Target 100 Kit
Target 200 Kit


1. Install the Tank
Install the tank to the battery by screwing the 510 thread. Make sure they are firmly connected.

2. Replace the Coil
-Unscrew the thread base from the tank;
-Pull out the used coil from the tank;
-Install new coil to the tank;
-Reattach the thread base into place.
*Refer to figure 1.

3. Fill E-liquid
Push the top cap according to the arrow direction;
fill e-liquid through the hole, then lock the top cap in place after filling is finished.
Please wait 5 minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil completely.
*Refer to figure 2.

4. Adjust the Airflow
To adjust the airflow volume, please rotate the air-inlet ring on the bottom of the tank.

5. Power On/Off the Device
Power on/off: press the power button 5 times in 2s.

6. Power Adjustment
TARGET 100 Kit is using the powerful GTi coil platform, and the suggested power needs to be noticed before starting vaping.

GTi Mesh CoilsGTi 0.2 MESHGTI 0.4 MESH
Suggested Power60-75W50-60W

7. Start Vaping
Press the power button to enjoy, extraordinary vaping experience.

8. Charge the Battery
After connecting the Type -C cable to the battery, the battery indicator and remaining charging time will be shown on the screen.

9. Lock or unlock the device
Press the fire button 3 times, then the +, – and mode buttons will be locked. In the same way, the buttons will be unlocked and the screen will be unlocked.

10. Choose a Mode
Long press the mode button for main mode selection ( Pulse Mode/F(t) Mode/VWN Mode).
Press the mode button 3 times continuously for the secondary menu setting.

PULSE MODE is a mode to improve the vaping experience through constant voltage output, delivering optimal flavor production, throat hit, nicotine satisfaction, and perfect temperature cloud continuously.

VWN MODE is a normal mode of output wattage, you can according to the coil resistance to adjust the best wattage for your needs. The user interface shows wattage, resistance and puff counter for your immersive vaping experience.

You can choose traditional (H, N, s), VV, BP (Bypass) modes in this section.

System setting includes DEFAULT, SMART VW, PUFF, and VERSION options.
SMART VW: when this function is turned on and a TANK is installed, the system will recommend the best power.

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Vaporesso Target 100 Kit
Vaporesso Target 200 Kit

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