A aluminum unibody integrated with a PCTG pod, Who can hold back not being surprised after seeing the sleek design in the picture above. Tell me what is its name:Smok Solus Pod Kit 3ml.

 Solus Pod Kit remains a button-free vaping device with delicacy and compactness. The integrated 700mAh battery fuels a smooth vaping experience with a blue indicator lighting or flashing varying with working states. The 10s over-vaping protection provides a fair level in which you can ease your craving for vaping in a healthier way.

Smok Solus Pod Kit comes with Solus Meshed 0.9Ω Pod (3ml).You can inhale to evoke the device when you insert a pod filled with 3ml of the e-liquid and secure it with a strong magnetic connection. The flatter the mouthpiece is, the less the leakage of the taste from your mouth is, conducive to make the most of the flavor.

The Package of Smok Solus Pod Kit 3ml Includes

✔ 1x Solus Device (700mAh)
✔ 1x Solus Meshed 0.9Ω Pod (3ml)
✔ 1x User Manual

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