1. Powered: After power on display after the boot animation screen,

2. Turn on: Press the Fire button 5 times in quick succession within 2s to turn on the device. (Enter the standby screen after the boot animation.)

3. Turn off; Press the Fire button 5 times in quick succession within 2s to turn off the device. (The screen turns off while the shutdown animation is displayed.)

4. Power regulation: In POWER working mode, click”+” or”-“to adjust POWER, POWER step 0.5W, 5 100W cycle, long press the button to enter the fast adjustment mode.

5. VPC mode adjustment: The output power of each second can be set (5 parameters). The power in the first 4 seconds can be set according to user needs, and the power output of the latest value is fixed in the 5th second and the next 10 seconds.If set: 25, 25, 25, 25, 30. That is, the first 4 seconds are all 25Woutput;30W output from 5 to 10 seconds. And so on…

6. Enter Settings: Press the FIRE key 2S for 3 times to enter the setting state;

7. Exit settings: Long press the FIRE key 0.8s to confirm the change and exit the setting state (it will exit automatically after 5S no operation under the setting state).

8. Switch working mode:
①Press the FIRE key 2S for 3 times to enter the setting state;
②The cursor stays in the upper left corner of the work
mode, press “+” or”-” key;
③Optional modes include POWER, VPC, BYPASS.

9. Number of smoking mouth reset and restore:
Press the FIRE key 2S for 3 times to enter the setting state;
Press the Fire key to switch the cursor and stay in the Puffdisplay bar;
Press “+” or”-” to clear the curre.
Press “+” or “_” again to restore the current value.

10. To lock or unlock: In the standby interface, long press the”+” and “-” keys 2S at the same time to enter the locking or unlocking adjustment button. In the locked state, press the fire button for 3 times to lock or unlock the FIRE button. The machine can be switched on and off in the locked state and returned to the previous state after startup. Reenergize and return to the unlocked state.

11. Tips and Protection:
①Battery anti-reverse connection protection (battery reverse connection does not damage the board card).
②Atomizer resistance <=0.08ohm output short circuit prompt 2 seconds. ③No nebulizer or nebulizer resistance >=3.5ohm, no nebulizer prompt 2 seconds.
④Before output voltage of single battery <3.2V before output <2.8V in output stop output, low voltage prompt2 seconds. ⑤Motherboard temperature >65″C before output or BBB>85″C in output, equipment overheating prompt 2 seconds.
⑥Smoke more than 10s in a single time, stop the output, timeout prompt 2 seconds.
⑦In the locked state, “+” and “.” keys are used to adjust parameters. Press the lock screen prompt for 2 seconds.

12. Atomizer identification:
①Pin the standby interface, it will monitor whether the atomizer is changed and update the latest atomizer resistance value.
②When a new atomizer is inserted, the screen jumps to the new atomizer prompt interface, which prompts the user with the new atomizer resistance value.
③Click the ‘+’ key or the. key to confirm.
④When the original atomizer is removed, the atomizer resistance value will automatically reset to zero.

13. Bypass mode: Full power output, but maximum power does not exceed 100W.

14. Version information display:
①Press the FIRE button 5 times and then press 2S with the”+” and “_” keys at the same time. The current hardware version number will be displayed on the screen.
②Version information display: Aegis Mini2 Kit GV20200918V10(20200918V10 is the software update time and version, GVis the Kicker scheme, the supplier code and USB version number please contact me to prevent the version conflict resulting in user upgrade failure).

15. Factory data reset: After entering the version information interface, press 2S with the three keys “FIRE” and “+” and “-” to display the interface for restoring factory Settings and initialize all user parameters.

16. Stealth mode: To go into Stealth mode, press the Fire and’+’ and ‘. keys for two seconds.

17. Switching Display Style: In Settings mode, hold down the’+’ and ‘-‘ keys simultaneously for 1 second to switch to the next theme

18. A-Lock:
①Toggle the A-Lock left/right to turn on/off the A-Lock, prompt lock/ unlock interface for 2s, the A-Lock icon is updated to the corresponding locked/ unlocked state when returning to the main interface.
②When the A-Lock is turned on, the output is stopped, and other operations are invalid except for switching on and off.
③Turn on the A-Lock and in the boot state, prompt the theA-Lock locking interface for 2S when pressing the buttons.

19. Screen brightness adjustment: In the standby interface, hold down the Fire button and ‘+’ button for 1 second to display the brightness adjustment icon and step up the brightness by percentage. Hold down the Fire button and. button to dim the brightness of the screen

20. USB upgrade function: Factory side upgradable.

21. Other requirements:
①Solution boards must be UL certified and share PCB with GS0026(external battery solution)
The cell needs to monitor the temperature.

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