1.FreeMax COILTECH 4.0: SS904L + Tea Fiber Cotton formula. Just everything you need for vaping;
2.2000mAh internal battery and 2A fast charging within 80 minutes at the most.
3.FM CHIP-Maxus 1.0: 20ms instant output, Power/VPC/TC-T/TC SS/TC-NI/TCR Mode options and all sorts of protection functions provided.


  1. Connect Fireluck 22 tank to the Maxus 50W VW Mod;
  2. Click the firing button 5 times within 1.5s to turn on/off the mod;
  3. Select SAME coil or NEW coil;
  4. If it’s a NEW coil, click the firing button 3 times to choose output mode, then click + /- button to set wattage/temp level according to the coil specification (1W/*10″F/45″C per click);
  5. It’s the SAME coil, previous settings would be pied;
  6. Press the firing button to start vaping.
CoilPower RangeRecommendation
Freemax DTL Mesh Coil 0.25ohm30-50W40W, Freebase
Freemax DTL Mesh Coil 0.5ohm15-30W25W; Freebase
Freemax MTL Mesh Coil 1.0ohm10-15W12 5W; Freebase (12-18mg) Nicsalt (20-50mg)
Freemax MTL Mesh Coil 1.5ohm8-12W10W; Freebase Nicsalt (20-50mg)


  1. Pull the security lock and slide to open the top cap from the red mark;
  2. Fill from the top;
  3. Slide back to lock the top cap (wait 4- 5mins for first-time use);4. Adjust the airflow.


1. Key Lock/Uniock Press and hold the +/- buttons for 1s simultaneously,

2. Output Mode Selection: Click firing button 3 times to enter menu, click +/- button to choose (POWERVPC/TC TI/TC NI/TC SS/TCR1-2-3).

3. VPC Power Setting: Toggle to VPC on the mode state, Press +/- button to set. Press and hold fire button 2s to exit. After setting real time curve output will be shown on the screen while vaping.

4. TCR seting Toggle to TRC 1/2/3 on the MODE state, press +/-buttons to set, reference values are provided below theadjustable value;

5. Firing Wattage Setting: Under the Tc mode, press and holdthe Firing button and + button for 1s simultaneously, use +/-buttons to adjust;

6. Timeout Setting: Toggle to TIMEOUT on the SET state, set the time limit from 5-15s (original timeout limit is 10s);

7. TC Mode Resistance Lock: Toggle to COIL on the SET state,use +/- button to LOCK/UNLOCK;

8. Switch Temp Unit (“C/’F): Toggle to “C/”F on the SET state,use */- button to choose;

9. Turn on/off Automatic Coil Test: Toggle to COILTEST on theSET state, use +/- button to turn on/off;

10. Puff Reset/ Factory Reset: Toggle to PUFF/Factory Reset on the SET state, press firing button to reset;

11. Check info of Battery Voltage/Device Version/Device Temp from the INFO state.


Low Resistance ProtectionAtomizer ShortcutCoil resistance should be above 0.1ohm
10s/Timeout Protection10s ProtectionPress the firing button again
Open circuitNo AtomizerCoil resistance should be below 3.0ohm
High-Temp ProtectionHigh-Temp ProtectionRestart when the device temp is below 70″C
Low Voltage ProtectionWeak Battery/Charge BatteryCharge the battery
Short Circuit ProtectionAtomizer ShortcutReplace the coil or the tank
Automatic CoilTestMode change selectionSelect output mode
SAME/NEW Coil SelectionCOIL NEW/SAMESelect & Set

Maxus 50W Kit Video

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