FreeMax Maxus 200W Metal Kit, the upgraded version of Maxus 200W Kit that is widely recognized all over the world for refreshing flavors, massive clouds and coil longevity, includes Maxus 200W VW Mod and M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition. As an advanced generation, let us talk about its major advan-tages.

FreeMax Maxus 200W Metal Kit

No.1/ Brand New Panel Options

As is shown in the picture above, Maxus 200W kit added four new metal panel, and this is a obvious difference from Maxus 200W kit Resin version. If you are looking for classic metal style, choose Gunmetal and Silver metal panel. If you are looking for colors and personalities, Marble Black and Stabwood would be a better option.

No.2/ FM COILTECH4.0 – SS904L Mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton Formula

FM COILTECH4.0 is the latest generation of mesh coil technology is armed with M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition. It equipped with military grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula (95% Tea Fiber Cotton plus 5% Organic Cotton) to provide you with the best vaping experience which is even better than all the best sub ohm tanks in the market.

No.3/ Child Resistant Top Fill Design

This is a huge improvement compared with the Resin Kit. M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition is designed with Child Resistant Top Fill Design and ISO 8317 Child Resistant Certified. All you have to do is simply lift and slide the top cap and then fill the tank, super easy and convenient.

No.4/ SmartLoad Tech – Load At Will

Maxus 200W Kit applies patented SmartLoad Tech for loading the battery. There is no need to distinguish positive and negative pole, you can assemble the battery at your own will and works with either single or double 18650 batteries.

Changes, not just the difference between Metal and Resin.

Thank you very much for your watch. If you have any suggestion or opinion, please comment here.

You may want to learn FreeMax Maxus 200W Kit Resin Edition as well.

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