Today, we learn the device named the world’s first e-nail that uses induction heating, which creats a new vape generation in vape markets. It is Ispire the Wand Enail Dab Kit.

Let’s have a closer look at this new vape from its several outstanding features.

>Auto and Manual Mode
It is easy to adjust temperature control settings for perfect dabbing vaping with accurate temperature control settings ranging from 450°to 800°F design. In this way, it provides you with the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience.

>Induction Heating
Utilizing the induction heating technology, heat is “induced” within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Since heat is transferred the part never comes into direct contact with any flame or contaminant, the inductor itself does not get hot and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process of heating is repeatable, controllable, clean and safe.

Using an induction heating method, The Wand precisely heats the banger to your desired temp. Once the banger is at the perfect dabbing temperature, place the concentrate in the banger and take the perfect hit.

>Dab Without Fire
This electronic nail is powered by a replaceable dual 18650 battery. It will bring super high heating efficiency with minimal combustion and extend usage for a worry-free experience. It can be charged via USB port or type-c cable.

>Replaces Butane and Torches
The bangers are made by borosilicate glass and use inner cups made by the same material that has ferrous metal encased in between two sealed walls of Borosilicate completely sealed away from the dabbing environment and creating absolutely clean and sealed Borosilicate Glass Banger cups.

This one of its kind Banger Cups combination is designed to specially heat by induction created by the wand, which will heat efficiently and are easy to clean than a torch heated banger.

>Compatible with Most Bongs
The Wand is compatible with most bongs on the market and the package contains both angled and straight bangers. A cost-effective and safer alternative to the traditional oil rigs, it is compact and suitable for personal use.

>Fits in Backpack or Bag
The Wand is mo wires or cables, and it’s very compact, lightweight and simple. The Wand Dab is a Bag-friendly special vape kit.

Now, this product is in SPECIAL OFFER until 3rd June. That is to say, you can buy 1 Kit Get 1 Banger and 1 Banger Cup for FREE. But this is retail orders only, random models for the free accessories if not specified when placing an order.

Technical Data:

Activation Mode: Manual and auto mode
Battery Capacity: External dual 18650 batteries (not included)
Charging Port: Micro USB/Type C cable
Software: Upgradeable software
Charging Current: 5V-2A
Accessories: Borosilicate glass banger cups
Temperature Range: 450-800℉
Liquid Temp Range: Optimal at 710℉
Color: Black

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