With more and more electronics using the touchscreen technology, we can easily find in our daily the widely application of it, such as our cellphone and iPad and other electronics. It spreads quickly ever than you can imagine and soon you will see the touchscreen employed in the e-cigars. This process in the vape market also marks the start of the 2017 year.

Many manufacturers noticed this niche market and first introduced some vape kits with this modern technology. For example, the SMOK and Smoant introduced the G-Priv and Charon relatively into the market. Other e-cigar companies all follow the suit with Joyetech recently released its new vape kit- CUBOID Lite with EXCEED D22.

The CUBOID Lite with EXCEED D22 is a successful creation of this design but it still retains a lot of its own features compared with the CUBOID pro early launched to the market.

Being a miniature replica of the CUBOID Pro, the CUBOID Lite kit has notably smaller dimensions. Due to the different sizes, their TFT screen also different. The CUBOID Lite with a tiny size has a much smaller display screen of 1.45inch comparing with the 2.4 inch. Despite its small screen, the screen of it is as impressive as the CUBOID Pro’s. The screen is on the central of the vape kit. Even though the two both include the touchscreen technology, they are different. The CUBOID Pro is packed with a capacity touch panel, shorted as the CTP which can not be found in the Lite mod.

Actually the touchscreen function used in the CUBOID Pro is merely a design feature not a functional necessity. Do you understand what I mean by saying a design feature. Yes, the CUBOID Pro is not a touchscreen device at all. This is the biggest difference with CUBOID Lite kit.

CUBOID Lite is a successful e-cigar not only for the touchscreen function but also its portable size packing a built-in 3000mAh battery and 80w max output. What else can you expect from this perfect vape kit?


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